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My Life Chapter 10
As we walked into Harry's house I could hear a female voice "is that you Harry?" I hoped this was his mom. I don't think I could really deal with a sister right now..
"Yeah mum it's me" Harry replied
"Come to the kitchen and tell me about your day hun." His mom replied back to him.
Harry looked over at me to see if that was okay. I was a little nervous with how I looked. What if his mom wouldn't like how I look? What if she didn't approve of how dark my makeup was? I always feel like that parents think I'm gonna be a bad influence on their kid or some shit like that. Either way I was nervous but I nodded anyway.
I followed Harry toward the kitchen as we got closer I could hear smell something cooking, it smelt good I could feel saliva form in my mouth it smelt way better than my moms cooking that's for sure.
We got to the opening of the kitchen when his mom started to talk to us turning around,
"Hi sweetie how was yo-" she stopped in the middle of her sentence when she saw me. I can te
:icontarua5:tarua5 2 0
Harry's Room :icontarua5:tarua5 2 4
My Life Chapter 9
Harry said he'd be walking to school because he didn't move so far away from it, I was alright with walking I had to do it a lot in middle school so I guess I'm used to it now. "So, how do you like the new house..?" I asked him "It's alright, a little like the one I had back in England but the only different think is that, you wont be able to smell the fresh rain in the morning." I nodded a bit.  We walked in silence again, joy this is awkward.. "Erm... So tell me more about yourself.." I said to break the silence maybe this will keep him talking till we got to his house.
"Well, my names Harry Edward Styles, I was born on the first of February in 1994 in the village of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. The school I went to before moving here was called 'Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School'. My mum and dad got divorced when I was younger and my mom later remarried, I have a older sister named Gemma. Following the divorce, mum, me and Gemma , moved further out into the Cheshire
:icontarua5:tarua5 5 6
My Life Chapter 8
My dad opened the door to his office "hi sweetie and...?" "this is Harry dad, he's the new student to the school. You know the one you asked me help around the school for a bit" "oh yeah, sorry Harry your name slipped my mind" "it's alright sir" Harry said with a smile.
"so dad, erm. Harry was wondering if I could go to his house to help him with the class work and get caught up. Is that okay..?" "how late will you be out for?" "I don't know. Might have to play it by year." "I could bring her home sir. I don't mind. Could help me get to know the town a bit" my dad smiled softly "how nice of you. Well seeing as you'll be in good hands I don't see why not" I smiled gently "thank you dad, I'll text you for when I'll be home" my dad nodded "alright I'll see you later okay?" I nodded "alright dad love you." "love you too Elinor" I smiled a bit and nodded. Harry smiled softly and started to walk away I followed this should be a interesting afternoon.
:icontarua5:tarua5 3 4
My Life Chapter 7
It was the end of school and Harry and I were getting our bags from our lockers. "So.." Harry started off, I looked over at him "Hm?" "Well, I wasn't really getting some of the work today and I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house and maybe help me..?" this is awkward I haven't been asked to anyone's house in years or to help them with anything in that matter. "I'll have to ask my dad" he nodded "do you want me to come with you?" he asked me "only if you want." he nodded and finished getting his bag together. I had already finished getting mine ready when he was talking to me. He closed his locker and locked it, I did the same and we walked to my dads class room. I knocked on his office door, he had opened it
:icontarua5:tarua5 4 4
I'm gonna be off for a while so I can write a few new chapters in 'My Life'
Maybe the next 2 or 3 hopefully you guy's will enjoy them..
:icontarua5:tarua5 5 6
My Life Chapter 6
English was my best subject usually but this class I couldn't focus.. I couldn't stop looking at Harry through the corner of my eye. He was paying attention to the lesson so he understood it all, the only time I looked at the clock was when it was the last 2 minutes of class. I had completely zoned out from looking at Harry! I had no idea what the homework was or what we had read or anything! 'Stupid Stupid Stupid!!' I said to myself in my head. I looked at the board and there was what we had for homework but I don't think I can write down 6 lines of what our homework is in 2 minutes. I sighed quietly and decided to ask Harry what the homework was.
2 minutes later we got up and left. Harry walked beside me until I could feel my arm being tugged away from where my locker was. I looked over and saw Harry was dragging me outside into the janitors closet "Harry what the fuck are you doing?!" I asked when he pushed my inside then followed in closing the door and locking it behind him. I swe
:icontarua5:tarua5 4 6
Which One Direction guy am I?
Harry Styles:
[x] You have curly hair
[] You're cheeky and flirty
[ ] You have dimples
[] You have a british accent
[/] You talk slowly
[/] You're the youngest of your friends
[] You love white converse
[/] Your favourite food is tacos
[] You have green eyes
[x] You're under 6ft
[] You love wearing blazers
[x] You have a great voice (people have said that you have a great voice)
Louis Tomlinson:
[] You have straight hair
[] You love to wear stripes
[x] You love pants that are above the ankle
[] You own at least 1 pair of toms
[] You have blue eyes
[] You have a british accent
[/] You're the oldest of your friends (I have older friends and younger friends)
[] You're sassy, outgoing and crazy
[] You love to sing
[] You love girls/boys who eat carrots
Zayn Malik:
[/] You have amazing eyelashes
[x] You have black/dark brown hair
[x] You're quiet
[] You're mysterious and the "badboy/badgirl" of the group
[ ] You have piercings (ears count)
[] You're the "devil" of your friends
[] You love v
:icontarua5:tarua5 6 4
My Life Chapter 5
Me and Harry walked in silence to class, sure we were gonna be early but that didn't matter.  Harry could be able to find everything that he needed and other things. I sat down in the back like usual, Harry came and sat beside me "C-Can you help me get caught up in our classes...?" He had asked me  I nodded and turned to face him "Alright so, we're reading Romeo and Juliet. You just have to read up to chapter 5 and then you should be caught up here. Erm in math its just some basic shit, Home Ect is just cooking so you should do fine, I'll ask if you can join my group mk?" Harry smiled a bit and nodded "Alright and that should be it." "What about Gym?" he said looking at me "Well that's just basic sports playing. At the moment we're playing volleyball -" I heard him gulp a bit "Are you good with Volleyball..? If your not I can help you out if you'd like..." "W-We never really played it back home.. So I am terrible at it.." "Like I said I'll help you if would like. Af
:icontarua5:tarua5 3 10
'Keep Going' Poster :icontarua5:tarua5 2 10 Failed Girl and Louis... :icontarua5:tarua5 0 0
One Direction Questions
1.How did you find out about One Direction?
One day I was on youtube (yes I have a account..) and I was talking with a friend. Then I saw this comment from another person on her channel and the person's icon was of Liam. So I started to talk to that person and then me and him became best friends (online and it's been a year now.)
2.What was the first song you heard them sing as a band?
Forever Young
3.Who's your favourite member and why?
K this is hard cause I love them all but like I said in my tag I like Liam and Harry a lot. My reason for liking Liam is because he is just one of those sweet, kind and caring guys who keeps going even if he has failed. He isn't one of those people who will like hurt you. He's a person you can just go and talk to and he will understand and hug you and just be there for you. Now the reason I like Harry is just because he is a sweetheart who really care's for his fans and inst afraid to show when he is sad. It hurts me to see him or any of the boys cry.
:icontarua5:tarua5 1 0
1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.
1)do u like one direction?
2) whats your fav thing to do?
Well that's hard! (That's what she said) I like to read, write and edit things xD
3) do u think im a weirdo?
Do you want my honest answer? lol Jk, No I don't think that you are.
I like them all but I guess Harry and Liam are on my mind a lot
6) if ur a directionator why do u not like them?
-----Computer Says No-------
7) a weird question... are u happy?
Eh I'm more tired and hungry right now xD
:icontarua5:tarua5 0 0
Cher x Zayn :icontarua5:tarua5 1 0


Well hello, long time no log on. I haven't been on here in ages, time goes on. For now I think I'm going to try and get back into this account of just make a new one. I'm not entirely sure yet though.
I'm not going to be here that often.
I know I'm not here that much already but yeah, if you want to keep in touch you can kik me at taking_over_me I made a new one because there were so many people I didn't even know on my old one.
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